Cybercorder 2000 is no longer sold or supported since the software has been retired.

We highly recommend Total Recorder Professional Edition as the replacement.  It offers scheduled recordings and more. Below is a summary of the features:

  • Record directly in any supported sound format
  • Schedule playbacks or recordings
  • Record streaming audio or local audio file
  • Record any sound passing through any line of your sound card with the ability to listen to audio being captured
  • Use Total Recorder as a VoIP recorder
  • Background record
  • Convert files
  • Edit sound files using a built-in sound editor
  • Use the time shift feature
  • Split recordings on separate clips
  • Split recordings on separate files
  • Use Cue-sheet files
  • Create and edit file tags
  • Play a media file at a slower or faster speed
  • Normalize recordings
  • Perform general operations on playlists
  • Favorites are supported by Total Recorder
  • Put your computer in standby or hibernate mode when an automatic job completes
  • Perform batch processing
  • Save an audio file with a different speed

It can be purchased for $35.95 USD here.